Tips on Choosing the Right Boat for Your Needs

24 Jul 23
A low angle shot of a Northbank boat on an Easytow Alloy trailer.

So, you’ve always wanted to own a boat but don’t know what type of boat to get? Choosing the best boat suitable for whatever activities you want to do with it is important since boats have different features and specifications meant for niche activities such as fishing or watersports.

Before you go ahead and buy a boat blindly, you should step back and muse about your options and reasons for buying a boat. Also, you need to know the different functions of the most common boats in the market:

Know First Why Do You Want a Boat

If you’re not sure what type of boat you want, consider your motivation for owning a boat in the first place. These are some of the most common motivating factors:

• Do you dream of heading out on the water to be alone with your thoughts? Do you love the idea of peace and quiet, with a relaxing afternoon of fishing? If so, you can make do with a small, simple vessel with few embellishments.

• Are you more interested in using the boat as a conduit for social interaction? Do you want to go out on the water with a bunch of your friends and family members? If so, you’ll want a bigger vessel with lots of useful features.

• Some people want a boat so they can go on an adventure. If this is the case, you’ll want a boat that can easily navigate between islands, inlets, channels, and bays. 

• Do you love hitting high-top speeds on the open water or water skiing for fun? A speed boat is probably right for you.

Types of Boats and Their Purposes

Here at Brisbane Boating and Leisure, we offer our customers a wide range of boat models from brands such as Quintrex, Yellowfin, and Northbank. These boat ranges have different features from each other so you have the option to choose which boat is best for you. We will categorise some of our boat products on each type of boat we will be identifying below: 

Aluminium Fishing Boats: Light, easy to transport, aluminium fishing boats are incredibly popular among Australian anglers both beginners to experts. Tinnies are a classic example of aluminium boats. These boats are a staple for a lot of fishermen due to their durable and versatile features. Quintrex is the largest manufacturer of aluminium fishing boats and has been at the forefront of aluminium boat design for decades. Quintrex has various designs in their Tinnie range

There are also heavy-duty aluminium boats that are appropriate for offshore fishing. Yellowfin boats are all designed to withstand the unpredictable nature of the ocean.

Bowriders: Great for boating adventures with your family or your mates. Whether you’re exploring hidden coves, taking the boat out for a spin, or just lounging and getting a suntan, a bowrider will always ensure to give you and your companions a wonderful experience. The Quintrex Cruiseabout is one fine example of a bowrider.

Centre Consoles: Best for both freshwater and saltwater fishing activities because of their flexibility in letting anglers catch fish. Some examples of centre consoles are the Quintrex Renegade CC range and the Yellowfin Centre Console range.

Cuddy Cabins: Cuddy cabin boats let you enjoy the open air and sunshine, while still providing some shelter when you need it. The Quintrex Ocean Spirit Cabin and Yellowfin’s Cabin and Hard Top Cabin range are considered cuddy cabins.

Dinghies: A mini boat that helps moor bigger boats to docks. Dinghies can also be used in freshwater fishing and cruising.

Fish-and-Ski: Love to fish and do watersports, such as water skiing? Then this might be the right pick for you. You might consider getting a Quintrex Freestyler.

Motor Yachts or Power Cruisers: Want to own a luxurious water vessel that lets you travel fast over great distances? This type of boat is for you.  

Personal Watercraft: Mainly used for watersports such as jet skiing. Some daring individuals will fish on their jet skis.

Walkarounds: A multi-purpose boat perfect for fishing and doing relaxing activities simultaneously. They are also great boats for overnight boating. One example is the Northbank Walkaround 650WA.

Where to Look for Boats:

First, you should know where to look for boats. Before you start considering what you want, it’s a good idea to look at the types of boats available to buyers like you. Once you see what’s available, you’ll have a clearer picture of different types of boats, which you can bear in mind when making your decision.

You can start by looking for a boat online. Browse through some of the most popular models in each of several different categories. Do any of these looks like they fit your personality? Do some of them deviate from your mental picture of what a boat should be?

You should also consider looking for boat shops and dealerships in your area to personally peruse boats. Seeing boats in person will help you know a boat's actual physical space and size. You can oftentimes find used or new boats for sale in these stores so whether you prefer the latest boat model straight out of the manufacturer or a boat that has been slightly used but sold at a discounted price, you can be assured to get a boat according to your means. 

If you’re in Brisbane, come check out our dealership at Ipswich Road. As mentioned before, we are a Northbank, Yellowfin, and Quintrex boat dealer as well as Mercury motorboat engines. We also sell boating products such as Move Boat Trailers and Lowrance marine equipment, to name a few. We also offer boat and outboard motor servicing and customised boat covers and canopies. Don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out this form or call us at 07 3875 1600 for more inquiries, we are happy to help you out!